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Healing disease and addiction is a process of healing our mind, our body and our spirit.  The gift of healing is received when we fully engage all of our mind/body resources with other resources available to us on our healing journey. Activlink Targeted Medical Hypnosis products represent powerful patented and clinically proven tools, processes, and resources that support our healing process.   

If you are about to have surgery, the Activlink Surgery Partner is an amazing tool to make your surgical experience, shorter, less risky, improve outcome, and speed healing. 

If you are expecting a baby, the Activlink Birth Partner will reduce your fear and pain, shorten your labor, reduce or eliminate your use of medication, and reduce the likelihood of emergency C-section surgery.  

If you have struggled with
irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, weight release, tobacco and nicotine addiction, alcoholism, prescription and non-prescription drug addiction, or other life threatening disease, our patented and proven Activlink Targeted Medical Hypnosis systems can help you on your journey.    

We also have a network of Activlink hypnotherapists who represent a community of highly trained and caring hypnotherapists and teachers.  We can refer you to a competent professional in your area for personal help.  We welcome our clients from all walks of life.  You are welcome to join our healing community.

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